brandi broadnax photography

I started shooting at the age of 17 at columbus alternative high school in columbus, ohio,
my first assignment was to go out and shoot for shadow, composition, texture, and light.
these four aspects of photography are still with me today. my first camera was the famous
pentax k1000 the best 35mm manual camera on the market that i just happen to purchase by luck.
clearly, i decided where i was going from there and i moved all the way to san francisco to do it…..


i graduated from the academy of art university with a ba in fine arts-advertising/ fashion photography…


recently I moved back to columbus and new york city,


currently i am working on a new brand – my portfolio….


i have had many clients since and other projects published so feel free to call for tearsheets.

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Quote: “create a image that changes the photography industry
rather than create a image for photography sake”

Brandi Broadnax Photography is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brandi Broadnax Services LLC.