a holding company

Brandi Broadnax Services LLC is an innovative investment holding company. Our diversified portfolio of value creation investments are for and consist of the Holding Company and its subsidiaries.

We are a “from the ground up” venture investment enterprise, who prides it’s self in the capital development allocations, long-term family operational management, and entrepreneurial spirit of our sister companies. The Holding Company cultivates new ideas and inspires the use of innovation to discover new opportunities for services and/or intellectual solutions. Our initiative is focused on our inner vision and drive for the future. This entrepreneurial spirit creates a seamless workflow between our Holding Company and its subsidiaries.


Brandi Broadnax serves as Chairwoman & CEO of Brandi Broadnax Services, LLC,
which she founded in 2013. Brandi Broadnax is consistent in strategic investments
and creative direction making within our Company, she continues our development,
capital ventures, financing and fund raising, acquisitions, marketing, and leasing.