a holding company

We are here to Innovate and inspire, one entrepreneurship at a time.

An innovative investment holding company. Our diversified portfolio of value creation investments are for and consist of the Holding Company and its subsidiaries.

"Every opportunity we create fosters a renewed spirit."
Brandi Broadnax

Brandi Broadnax Services LLC

The Holding Company cultivates new ideas and inspires the use of innovation to discover new opportunities for services or intellectual solutions. This initiative is focused on our inner vision and drive. 






Brandi Broadnax Accountancy

Since our beginning, Brandi has maintained one simple rule, “let’s have fun with our bookkeeping and accounting, no one else does.”

Brandi Broadnax Photography

My first assignment was to go out and shoot for shadow, composition, texture, and light; I haven’t stopped since. 


Current Ventures


The philosophical principal that everything is Self. Being beholden to no deity or authority, is the way of the Creator, for we are an independent species.

Web Design House

Sub-company of Brandi Broadnax Photography. We are creating websites for small business with enhanced research and design defining techniques.